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Member of Public  Chamber  of Russian Federation told about creation of ISIS

Valeriy Korovin: “USA has created ISIS to discredit Islam”

On July 12th in auditorium of “Parliament’s Gazette”   held the press-conference against terrorism in Internet. During the conference director of Centre Geo-political expertise and main consultant of NKNA (North Kuakas News Agency)  Valeriy Korovin had made a statement about US involvement in creation of ISIS. He had said: “After demolition of Soviet Union, United States has lost their main opponent and after that they had announced Islam as their new enemy”.

Expert concludes that Islam is considered to be a religion of peace and goods and do not represent no danger to USA, but American politicians and secret service began a war against Islam by creating falls image of the religion and creating so called “Islamic” structures as ISIS, organization which is forbidden in Russia.

Such structures are created as tools to gain political goals in the regions, by taking out of contests from Islamic traditions and religion’s texts.

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